Client Comments

“Your outstanding presentation, Managing Change and Transformation, provided a remarkable opportunity for attendees. You effectively provided them with a variety of creative and useful tactics to successfully deal with the many challenges that often result from “change”. Your explanations of how to deal with change were particularly insightful and relevant to this audience of serious-minded and hard working payroll professionals. Thank you as well for participating in our event the evening before your presentation. This additional interaction between a speaker and conference attendees adds greatly to the success of a conference.”

—Dan Maddux, Executive Director
American Payroll Association

“Your presentation on Focusing the Power of Your Mind was very interesting to our group of multi-tasked meeting and event planners. Through the time you spent interviewing our membership, you were able to effectively direct the content of the presentation toward our industry. The information was presented in an organized, entertaining and professional manner. Positive feedback from our group of evaluations emphasized the success of the session. Further, the topic was of interest to a wide range of our membership, helping us to draw significant attendance. It was a pleasure working with you and we hope to have the opportunity to learn from you again in the future!"

—Kathy Senese, Board Member
Gulf States Professional Convention Management Association

“Congratulations on an outstanding presentation. Your focus was right on target and your message was powerful. As you could detect, this group can be a challenge, as getting and holding their attention is not easy. You presented yourself and your message as a true professional. Your fee was more than well spent.”

—Kay Kerr, President
Women’s Council of Realtors

“Your presentation was absolutely on target for the pressure and stress so many of our members are experiencing in today’s hectic world. You did a superb job of customizing it to offer relevance for a diverse group. You gave us so much in such a short period of time! The entire talk was well organized and delivered in your gentle style that leaves any audience refreshed. Thank you so much for all the work you did to give our members excellent benefit and most of all for making me look so good! Every meeting planner’s dream!”

—Kay Baker, Vice-President of Education
Meeting Professionals International (MPI)

“Your presentation was timely and very appropriate for our attendees. Your insights and down-to-earth mannerisms helped make everyone feel that you knew our challenges. The examples you gave and the handout were really helpful. You are very knowledgeable and your expertise was evident as you spoke. Thanks again for a job well done and I hope to see you again in the future."

—Murray Moore, Program Chair, Joint-Conference
Society of Government Meeting Professionals (SGMP)

“We got so much more than we ever bargained for. Your series grew in interest and attendance with each new event. We began to get direct feedback from attendees about how they were making productive changes in their personal and professional lives. In short, the results and response (and all the ratings) are all lined up—some of the highest any event or any series of events have ever achieved.”

—Mike Bown, Training & Development Dept. Manager
International Sematech

“Kay Christopher’s well-deserved reputation as an excellent speaker and educator was confirmed by her outstanding presentations. Kay received uniformly high evaluations. This positive reception by both large and small groups reflected Kay’s speaking talent and her appeal to audiences of all sizes. I have arranged for speakers on many occasions. Kay is one of the best.”

—Kay Utsinger, Education Specialist
Texas Education Agency

“Your well-prepared and thought-provoking presentation made it a most memorable event for our members. The exciting discussion surrounding your topic was testimony to the relevance of your concepts and ideas.”

—Kelli Cotner, Program Director
International Coach Federation, Greater Austin Chapter

“We appreciate and enjoyed your presentation. Comments from the audience were very positive; your presentation was interesting and on-target. Focusing Attention: The Power of Your Mind was a fresh new topic for our group. I really liked the concept of developing and enhancing our mental skills. After your presentation, improving one’s ability to think clearly is no longer unimaginable.”

—Cheryl McBride, First Vice President
Texas State Agency Business Administrators Association

"Thank you for the excellent presentation, Focusing the Power of the Mind, which you provided for our employees. It was very well received and your evaluations were uniformly high. I was particularly pleased that you were able to take the concepts we discussed, build them into the workshop, and then deliver them so well. You were right on the mark for what I wanted to achieve with this event and I consider it a great success.

—Shelley Hughes, LCSW, CEAP, Clinical Consultant
Resources for Living

“I have known you professionally for twenty years and have developed the greatest respect for your abilities as a trainer and speaker. You are continually growing and expanding your expertise to the point that when presenting the same topic, it is fresh with insight and story line. At our conferences and annual events each summer you consistently receive the highest of evaluations and are requested as a return faculty member. Above all, you are a person of great integrity and foresight. Your professionalism and creativity serve audiences in a way that makes meeting planners proud.”

—Philip Orrick, Manager of Training
Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse

“It was a great pleasure to work with you this past year. Your ability to communicate and connect with your audience makes it obvious you care about the people you are working with. I look forward to having you back again.”

—Margaret Robbins, Program Director
Texas Municipal Courts Education Center

“Thank you so much for the outstanding presentation! We have had many favorable comments from attendees about your presentation dealing with the stress in our daily lives. Our people surely needed what you had to offer. The comment most recurrent was "didn't have enough time". That is high praise from our group, which tends to be pretty time driven and anxious for the program to end so they can hit the road! Thanks again for gracing our membership with your wisdom and style.”

—Tim Ryan, Program Co-Chair
San Antonio Building Owners & Mangers Association

“I want to tell you how much we enjoyed your presentation. The topic was most relevant and so very important for all of us. You did a great job presenting the material and I was very impressed with your ability to interact and establish rapport with our staff.”

—Tom Sanders, Deputy Chief U. S. Probation Officer
United States District Court, Eastern District of Texas

“I want to personally thank you for your presentation. I have had nothing but wonderful comments from my managers and franchisees. I have seen an improvement in attitude towards the customers, and all managers are now apprised on their stores financial situation every month, to better inform them of their impact at the store level and corporate level. I plan to use your expertise in the future to facilitate growth in my franchise program. Thanks again for your insight and informed presentation.”

—Peter J. Ademski, Owner
Delaware Sub Shops, Inc.

“Thank you so much for making the excellent presentation at the ASCLD Symposium. Many individuals told me how much they enjoyed your message and that they were very impressed with the preparation you obviously made for the presentation. Hopefully we will be able to use you in the future.”

—Mike Sheppo, Bureau Chief
Illinois State Police Forensic Command

“Your presentation skills wowed our audience and we are a tough crowd to please! The presentation entitled Focusing the Power of Your Mind really encompassed our attendees' stressful lives and I know that we all walked away feeling relaxed and ready to return to our offices rejuvenated. You have a great ability to really get your audience engaged and to actively participate in your presentation.”

—Beth Falk, MPI Education Committee
Executive Director Texas Court Reporters Association

“Your presentation was fantastic! We could not have been more pleased with the motivating and inspirational message you had to share. Your talent and ability to give people a positive outlook on life really worked with our audience. It was a pleasure to have you as a speaker.”

—Tonya Finch, Programs Specialist
Texas PTA

“Thank you for presenting your seminar to three of our Senior Management Development classes. I particularly appreciate your unique approach to the time-management theme. While you include information about prioritizing the many things that demand a manger's attention, you get to the deeper issues: how we think about time and how our thoughts affect our behavior and, ultimately, our health. You helped me and managers in our classes realize that much of the distress we experience results not from the limited number of hours in a day, over which we have no control, but from our responses, which we can control. I highly recommend your presentation to anyone interested in looking into the deeper issues of time management and willing to make a commitment to their overall well-being.”

—Linda Salm Beene, Co-Coordinator, Senior Management Development Program
Governor's Center for Management Development

“What a terrific presentation you did for us! You held the audience's attention even though it was very near time to close out the event.”

—Gerry Williamson, Family Advocacy Instructor
AMEDD Center and School

“Thank you for your presentation Managing Stress After International Relocation for spouses of international assignees. It was a very informative and enjoyable presentation. Your style is professional, yet non-threatening, and the participants with English as a second language appreciated that greatly. Throughout the presentation you laid a solid foundation with theory, then gave creative suggestions for applying the theory to practical, everyday living. It was a successful workshop and I look forward to working with you in the future.”

—Tracia Strasburg, Global Relocation Specialist
International Sematech

“Your presentation struck many responsive chords in our staff. Some found it helpful simply on the practical level, while others realized that there was a deeper value in your message. I also must commend you on your uncanny knack for addressing every primary element of concern during your session. It is a pleasure to have the high caliber of your presentation skills available to help our staff.”

—Wayne L. Ewen, Senior Director, Education and Communications
Texas Pharmaceutical Association

“It was a real pleasure meeting you, and on behalf of our staff I want to thank you for your excellent presentation. I have heard many positive comments, and the evaluations were most flattering. Thank you so much, and I hope to see you again.”

—Kenneth Laborde, Chief U.S. Probation Officer
United States District Court, Eastern District of Texas

“Your presentation was a classic combination of style and substance. You wowed us with your warm, interactive platform skills, and you enlightened us with content that was right on target. You took a topic that could easily become tedious, and you brought it to life, using personal anecdotes and examples to which every person in the room could relate. I suppose you knew that we would be too taken with you to take notes, so you provided materials that will help us adapt and implement the practical tips you shared. Your preparation, delivery and materials were, and are, as good as it gets!”

—Jim Bearden, CSP, President
National Speakers Association, Heart of Texas Chapter

“The Education Committee of the Society of Government Meeting Professionals (SGMP) wishes to express our appreciation for your enlightening and educational program on Balancing Personal and Professional Life. We all benefited greatly from your advice, insights and practical methods. Your dedication to and knowledge of your profession is obvious by the enthusiasm you present in yourself and your work. You are a true asset as well as an inspiration—thank you again for a job well done.”

—Joyce Cartmell, Education Committee
Society of Government Meeting Professionals

“Just a few lines to commend you on your outstanding presentation. As you know, I have hired a number of the leading professional speakers and you really impressed me. Your topic is universally applicable and your material is really new and immediately usable. You have my best wishes and endorsement.”

—Robert A. Chesney, Executive Producer
Window on Wall Street

“There were many faces in the audience and you made everyone, new and seasoned professionals alike, feel energized and inspired while imparting your pearls of wisdom and years of expertise. The participants left absolutely satisfied! Without your dedication to your profession and your enthusiasm, this conference would not have been the success that it was. You provided lots of useful information that our constituents will be able to immediately put into practice with ease! Thank you again for your hard work. We look forward to having you join us at future conferences.”

—Adrian L. Mitchell, Senior Manager, Speaker Administration
American Payroll Association

“Thank you for your heartwarming presentation. You really touched people with your sincere approach to change management issues. Enclosed is a copy of the feedback. I know you will be pleased at the praise you received.”

—Jane Hackley, Director, Office of Conferences and Training
Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs, University of Texas at Austin

“We thoroughly enjoyed your presentation on Managing Stress in High Pressure Work Environments. Your knowledge of the stress management field is certainly impressive, to say the least. We appreciate your participation in our meeting. You made a big difference.”

—Cordel Bullock, Human Resources Manager
Fisher-Rosemount Systems

“I worked with many professional speakers during the twenty-four years I served as President/CEO of the Texas Society of Association Executives. Kay Christopher enjoys a reputation of being a truly professional speaker! Unlike a lot of speakers, I was most impressed with Kay because she does her homework. She devotes considerable time to learning as much as she can about each client. Her presentations are intriguing and enlightening. Her audiences garner knowledge they can immediately put to everyday use. And through her constant research, Kay stays ahead of the curve on whatever subject she is addressing. I believe you'll be glad you booked Kay Christopher!”

—Marilyn Monroe, Former President/CEO
Texas Society of Association Executives