Customized Breakout Sessions for Your Conference or Convention

Balancing Personal and Professional Life

Achieving life balance is a process that requires constant re-evaluation and adjustment. At the core of achieving this balance are three principles that help provide inner stability and consistency. We need to: know our priorities; learn how to create peace of mind at will; and improve productivity in ways that enhance our quality of life. In this session you will learn how to find balance through accord with these three principles.

Coaching and Mentoring
Key Skills for Developing Others

Coaching is a key management skill for developing employees and enhancing their ability to produce independently and at high functioning levels. Mentoring is also a key skill. Many managers and supervisors find themselves in the position of having to provide coaching and mentoring to employees without having had specific training in these areas. What are the differences between coaching and mentoring, and when is each most useful? This seminar will give managers and supervisors increased confidence in their ability to assist, develop, and guide their employees in the workplace.

Leadership and Life Balance

As a leader you have multiple responsibilities that can sometimes work together to throw your life off balance. When your life is off balance, you’re likely to be more "stressed out", less clear headed —and the quality of your leadership can suffer! In this session you will learn the essential keys to putting in a “course correction” when things seem to be getting out of control—so you can get back in balance and back on track.

Managing Stress in High Pressure Work Environments

Many professions today demand high performance under the pressure of deadlines, multiple priorities and crises. A lack of sufficiently trained people, materials, and financial resources may make the situation even more difficult. Being in such conditions produces physical and mental stress that can lead to poor communication and decision making capability, as well as increased absenteeism and illness. In this session you will learn to recognize the nature of stress. You will also identify and practice the skills that will improve your ability to manage stress and cope more effectively with issues such as on-the-job crises and conflicting priorities.

Productivity and Mind-Body Health
Improving Performance through Understanding the Mind-Body Connection

Are you interested in enhancing your performance, improving your health, and finding a greater sense of peace and well-being? Science has proven that the body and mind are not really two separate things, but are two aspects of one unified ‘mind-body’. This has great implications for the overall quality of your life experience. In this session, learn how to make optional use of the body-mind connection to: enhance your productivity, improve your health and experience greater peace of mind.

The Ultimate Stress Management Tool
Improving Your Ability to Perform at Your Best
New discoveries about the energy system of the human body have led to techniques that both help resolve stress and improve performance in any kind of endeavor, from giving presentations to managing others to writing proposals. In this powerful session you will learn how to use a new method for resolving emotional stress that will leave you free to perform at your best.

Time Mastery
Improving Your Personal and Professional Productivity

Have you experienced frustration, feeling overwhelmed or "stressed out" when trying to manage your time? In this fast paced session you will learn how to better prioritize your goals and activities, effectively plan projects and your use of time, improve your ability to delegate (or be delegated to), run effective meetings, and produce more in less time.